Desktop Monitors

When you want a sleeker way of looking at things, Planar flat-panel LCD desktop monitors will delight your eyes. With nearly 30 years of experience in development of award-winning displays, each Planar desktop monitor features the fastest graphics and most vibrant colors - all in a slim profile that is nothing less than bevel-edge beautiful.

Touch Screen Monitors

Durable and dependable, Planar Touch Screen Monitors have what it takes to perform in demanding point-of-sale (POS), point-of-purchase, and public environments. With decades of experience in rugged and extreme display application experience, Planar brings this expertise to touch screen monitors, making them the most dependable and well-performing on the market.

For additional information about different touch technology options, see Planar's Touch Technology page.


Planar's Desktop Monitor and Touch Screen Monitor Selector helps you find the right monitor for your application. ?It’s easy to use and after only a few simple questions, the Monitor Selector will output the ideal desktop or touch screen monitor solutions based on your requirements.